Day old bread

I???m somewhat under-evolved as a breadmaker ??? I do OK with the bread machine, but I still manage to make the odd brick. In a fit of unexpected, and perhaps unwise, enthusiasm I decided to dip my toe into the world of artisanal breadmaking. I???ll blame one of my co-workers who was telling me about a book she???s cooked from for years “Amy???s Bread” (just about to be released in a revised version, according to the interweb).

I did pick one of the breads with a slightly lower degree of difficulty Grainy Whole Wheat and Seeds with Apricots, Prunes and Raisins ??? it only took two days to make! It was made with what they call an ???old dough??? starter. You make a batch of this starter and then put it aside for at least 5 hours. After that you can make the actual dough for your bread. After that has risen (even more hours) you then perform the Vulcan bread meld and knead the two together.

The extra degree of difficulty at this point is adding in the fruits and nuts into this savoury loaf. At least they warn you that the dough may ???resist??? this process, ha! They do give some advice on how to deal with such challenges. Suffice to say that even the authors realise there is a point beyond which it is futile to proceed ??? they suggest you just throw any loose bits into the bowl when you give up and let the dough rise again. I gratefully shoved it into the fridge suffering from the delusion that this would slow down the rising process.

I decided, having seen how well the dough had filled the bowl overnight, not to worry about leaving the dough out for two hours at room temperature before working on it the next morning. I didn???t think we needed a kitchen that looked like a scene from The Blob ???Indescribable! Indestructible! Nothing can stop it!???

In the end I wrestled it into two disc like shapes ??? is this a sci-fi theme developing here? ??? and then dissected it into wedges. After all the effort the cooking really was the least difficult part, go figure.

We???ve been eating the bread for breakfast, toasted and smeared with butter, thank god its edible after all that effort.