Bean there!

This morning we decided to head out early-ish to the markets and have breakfast while we were there. We decided to eat at Bean and Grain, (where we have previously only stopped in for coffee and pastry). Good choice. While we were waiting I did a sketch of one of the staff members. I was going to include another person, but they were just moving too fast for me to draw.

Behind the counter at Bean and Grain
Behind the counter at Bean and Grain

Breakfast was really good. I had French toast brioche, with berries, bacon and passionfruit butter. The passionfruit butter was particularly lovely, creamy and full of flavour. TB had sourdough toast with scrambled eggs and Persian fetta. Suffice to say it was such a good breakfast that we didn’t need to eat any lunch.

Breakfast - yum!
Breakfast – yum!