Not much of a crop this year. There was a bit of sharing with the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Red Wattle Birds.

Gang Gang Style

It’s unusual for us to get Gang Gang cockatoos in our garden so we were extremely excited to see a family turn up late last week. GangGangs

Dad is the most obvious with his beautiful red crest. Mum, who has red and yellow bars on her chest was making herself scarce as the kids applied the full weight of their pester power to their father.

nag power








Things can get a bit rowdy! The father is being given a particularly hard time here.

Air superiority

When Variegated and I were dyeing (fabric that is) in the backyard last week we could hear a regular plopping sound. After some investigation we worked out it was the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos munching into my Kurrajong tree’s pods. They eat the seeds and then drop the leftovers onto the ground. Should the pods have survived to maturity I could also have eaten them, fresh or roasted, having first removed the hairs from the seeds. There seem to be a few pods hanging low in the tree that the cockies can’t reach so I may get to try these native seeds a bit later in the year.

That was all well and good but this changed on Sunday when TB called me to the window to see what was happening in the back yard. At first I thought he was just pointing out the cocky hanging upside down on the power line. But no, it was the team of cockies determindly stripping all the almost ripe fruits of my nectarine tree. We quickly got the net over the tree which stopped the damage. Unfortunately there was already plenty of fruit on the ground. The birds had also broken one of the branches off along with 1kg of fruit. I was able to retrieve the situation by making a batch of Nectarine Chutney, recipe courtesy of Stephanie Alexanders’ Cooks Companion.