On the Table

Just in case you are labouring under the misapprehension that we are living a life of hedonistic indulgence at Chez Fork I offer you last nights’ meal of hearty peasant origin – Lamb neck with lemon and barley.

The recipe is included in Hugh Fearnley-Whitiingstall’s book Rver Cottage Everyday and can also be found here. This is a really flavoursome hearty meal. What I like about it is the great combination of lemon and thyme which can really stand up to the rich lamb. The pearl barley bulks things out and the kale or other greens, in our case we used our cavalo nero and collard greens, extend the meal. Both of these greens are robust enough to take the cooking and still retain their flavour. The preparation and cooking is dead simple. If you have the time the lamb neck could benefit from a longer, slower cook, before adding your pearl barley and completing the recipe as described.

As lamb neck is one of the cheapest cuts of lamb around you should try getting a decent neck from either the farmer’s market (I paid just under $5 for 600 gms of neck from Ingelbrae Meat, Northside Farmers Market) or from a good butcher.