Changes at Gardening Australia

I know it must be true ’cause I read it in the newspaper (and I did check on the ABC website), that Costa Georgiadis (Costa’s Garden Odessey SBS ) is on the move and he’s moving to host Gardening Australia on the ABC!

That should be a bit of a shock for Aunty. From what I’ve read in the Sydney Morning Herald there is some speculation that some of Costa’s more interesting segments, such as ‘Pimp my Plant’ and ‘Zen Shed’ may make the transition as well.Hm, we’ll wait and see.

The two drawbacks I can see from this are: there will be one less good gardening show on our airwaves; and the new series of Gardening Australia won’t start until 24 March 2012!


Small bites

If you haven’t found them already here are two media programs which may be of interest to you,

ABC radio national is currently playing Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma in its First Person book reading. To quote from the ABC’s summary “What shall we have for dinner? According to Michael Pollan, that simple question has grown to have a very complicated answer. Being omnivores, humans can eat almost anything but deciding what seems to stir great anxiety. With the American culture of fast food and unlimited choice becoming a world-wide phenomena, Michael Pollan decided to explore the journey of his next meal from land to table, tracing the origin of everything he consumed and the implications of it for ourselves and the planet. What he discovers may just take away your appetite.”
This is the book that gave us the term ‘voted with our forks‘ so what can we say but tune in and listen.

SBS is replaying the first series of Costa’s Garden Odessey on Saturdays at 5.30 pm.  A great rewind for those of us who don’t get a big enough gardening ‘fix’ each week.