Whisky in the biscuit!

I was feeling a bit ‘meh’ yesterday, but some biscuit inspiration today from Dan Lepard, has at least got me moving again.

Originally Dan gave included some beer in his Secret Ingredient biscuits. I saw his Instagram post updating the recipe, this time substituting a dram of whisky for some the beer. I do like a dram of whisky, but these days apart from pleasure it’s also likely to give me indigestion. Now I can spare some for cooking, without feeling too sad about it.

The recipe includes 200grams of chocolate chips. As I didn’t have quite the amount of chocolate chips required I made up the amount by using some golden raisins, which were duly soaked in the aforementioned dram.

I was a bit surprised by the direction to put mix in the fridge to stiffen – something I have not done before, but there is method to his madness. It turns out that these biscuits are of a very louche nature and sprawl all over the baking sheet with great abandon.

The biscuits fresh out of the oven and cooling on a handmade wire rack, passed down from my Grandma

The biscuitd tasted just fine even though they don’t have test-kitchen regular shape. Even better they freeze quite well, as long as you can resist eating all of them at once.

Great outcome! Coming soon Dan’s Oat and Fig biscuits. (That is if the supermarket has any dried figs!)