Use it or lose it

Well our freezer literally went into meltdown yesterday. Unfortunately we didn’t notice until late in the day by which time all that remained of our once lovely fruit leather was a rather unpleasant sticky mess. It did at least prompt us to have a good clean out of the whole fridge so at least I’ve now found my two remaining jars of blackberry curd which I will attempt to eat in fairly short order.

Our breadmaker, which has had a good workout in recent years also passed into mechanical heaven a few weeks ago. I was rather shocked and it took me a while to remember that I would actually need to go and buy some bread at the shops. Yes I hear you say why didn’t we hand make a loaf? Well sometimes even in the suburban idyll that is Chez Fork we are just plain disorganised. Anyway a replacement has been purchased and we are making our way with learning how the new beast works. TB has cooked a sourdough loaf and my first offering is a fruit loaf made with some of our dried persimmons, some home-candied citrus peel and a good slug of mixed spice. The only problem was that as I didn’t quite follow the recipe it didn’t quite cook completely. Anyway I ended up flinging it into the oven for an extra 30 minutes and it worked out just fine.


On another topic I see that ABC1 will be screening a documentary based on Micael Pollan’s book The Botany of Desire this coming Thursday at 9.30 pm. Pollan’s premise it that plants have actually used humans to help them spread around the world and not vice versa. The focus is four familiar plants, apples, potatoes marijuana and the tulip. The book was really interesting so I’m looking forward to seeing it on the small screen.