Forget the Fairies

Sometimes you find some very odd things when you go looking in your garden. Take today, I was emptying out my latest ‘find’ in the retro garden pot department when I made an almost archaeological discovery! I had tesserae in my tub! – not to mention an old lamb bone. Oh all right they weren’t Roman (there goes my guest spot on Time Team), more your 1970’s suburban small bathroom tile. Clearly someone thought that putting 112 tiles in the bottom of a pot, (well I was curious as to how many were there), when 10 would have easily covered the drainage holes, was a good idea.

Apart from my ‘dig’ I’ve been transplanting and potting-on. Firstly I’ve transplanted some rocket seedlings that have sprung up where TB was harvesting the seeds – talk about the hundreds that got away. I’ve also potted on some Perpetual Spinach seedlings that needed moving on to larger pots before they get sent out into the garden proper. For my work colleagues I’ve prepared some Silver Beet and Mustard Greens seedlings for their winter gardens. They will be pleased to see that all those coffee cups they’ve saved for me have been put to a good use.