Taking the Local Harvest Challenge

It’s on again, the Local Harvest Challenge for 2013.
Monday 1st April – Sunday 7th April 2013


The idea is to eat as ‘locally’ as possible for one week. There are plenty of ways to participate, whether you have your own garden or not. We participated last year, you can check out our posts on the Local Harvest website. We are also quite excited to see that the photo used to promote the 2012 posts is one of ours!

Tonight’s dinner is a good example of what you can do for the challenge.Image

Here is a plate of zucchini fritters (recipe from Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall), which includes our own onions, garlic and eggs, not to mention zucchini; along with a tomato and lettuce salad also from the garden.

You also have the option to buy from local farmers markets or producers and you can also set the level of challenge you want to take. There are plenty of suggestions on the Local Harvest website and if you’re not sure what is in your local area you can enter your postcode and find out.

So are you ready to take the challenge?

 Take the Local Harvest Challenge
Monday 1st April – Sunday 7th April 2013

Put into practice the art of eating locally, supporting local and organic farmers and businesses, and discovering the face behind your food.

  • Versatile, fun and FREE!
  • Choose your challenge – Bite-Sized, Meal-Sized or Feast-Sized
  • Form a team with your friends or neighbours
  • Link up with other people taking the challenge in you locality
  • Organise a ‘local pot-luck’ dinner to celebrate the week
  • Blog your discoveries and experiences (see 2012 blogs)

Use the Local Harvest website to find resources close to you. Enter your postcode to find farmers’ markets, farm-gate produce, local food swaps, community gardens, organic retailers and more.


Register for the Challenge at localharvest.org.au/challenge

Support local growers & reclaim your food choices. One week, get involved!