Getting the Garden Ready

We are preparing the garden for spring. The heavy work has fallen to TB as I have injured my knee.  TB has been busy transplanting self-sewn lettuces from the front garden to a space in a recently cleared bed at the back of the house.


Transplanted lettuces

The Purple Podded Peas in the front yard are well out of the ground but will take a few more weeks before they get a real move on.


Purple Podded Peas

We currently have started 3 lots of peas (Greenfeast) and snowpeas sprouting in the polyhouse.


Peas in the polyhouse

This year we have bought in some new seed potatoes, King Edwards (foreground) and Pink Fir Apples (rear) to improve our yield and hopefully avoid viruses that might be lurking in our previous years spuds. The potatoes have been set out to chit, that is to encourage them to sprout prior to planting. Being left in the light will encourage the plants to shoot. I did see a recent suggestion that you should remove all but one of the strongest shoots to encourage a strong plant. I’ll have to give it a try.


Potatoes chitting in the polyhouse.

Of course if you forget about your potatoes, as we did with these forgotten in the bottom of the fridge in the shed, you can grow a fair facsimile of a coral reef!