Seen and Herd

I thought that Gardening Australia was being rather coy when they showed Kate Herd’s garden last weekend. Her name seemed familiar and that was because it turns out I’ve just finished reading her book on Kitchen Garden’s of Australia. The show didn’t mention the book at all which I thought was strange as I bought it at the ABC shop.


Kate has had what appears to be a truly wonderful time travelling around Australia having a darn good look into other people’s veggie gardens. Not only are there the well known – Jerry, Josh and Leonie’s gardens – but also plenty more from good home gardeners all around the country. The gardens range from what you are likely to see in your own back yard, to the wonderfully contemporary – the Marr Grounds’ garden ; to the historic – Vaucluse House. The Brock family garden in Alice Springs was one I particularly enjoyed reading about. I’ll just say go and grab a copy of the book for yourself.

Kate’s own garden appears to be open on a regular basis so if you are in Melbourne at the right time of the year you could check it out in person.