Ha-ogen home

Our polyhouse is mainly used as a safe haven for plants over the winter and early spring months. Come summer it’s pretty deserted as it gets too hot for most plants to cope with. So this year we are trying an experiment by planting some of our more tender tropical crops in the polyhouse to see if we can find a better use for it.

These are our ha-ogen melon seeds, just sprouting at the very end of September. Thankfully they have survived better than the first seeds I sprouted back in 2010.


Ha-ogen seedlings, 29 September 2012

They are now reaching a size where thy can be planted out. Given our relatively short growing season, sandwiched between late spring and autumn frosts, it’s a challenge to get these melons to fruit in Canberra. So this time around we’ve decided to plant two of them, one at each end, in the polyhouse.

You can see from the photo that TB has used the idea of growing them in a mesh enclosure rather than a pot.


Ha-ogen seedling planted out 16 October 2012

Given that the plants will not survive past the first cold spells (even in the polyhouse) we are OK with them putting roots down into the polyhouse’s soil floor. What is yet to go in is a sturdy trellis for the vines to grow up.

We are also going to try growing our lemongrass inside the polyhouse in a similar container. Hopefully the more humid atmosphere will encourage the development of thicker stems that we’ve managed to grow when the lemngrass has been planted out in the garden. Fingers crossed.