Something borrowed

As its been fairly quiet in the garden of late I’ve been trying some new and very simple recipes.

The recipe for Leek and Pear Soup comes from Carol and Phillip, who may be familiar to you as they sell fresh veggies at their regular stall in Civic on Thursdays and Fridays. Phillip once asked one of their customers why they bought two leeks and two pears every week. The reply was this elegant and very easy recipe.

Leek and Pear Soup
2 leeks
2 pears
2 medium potatoes
1 medium onion
4 cups of chicken stock
50gms of butter
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup of cream (optional)
and cream and chives to garnish

Remove the outer leaves from your leeks and wash them carefully to remove any dirt from between the leaves. Slice finely. Cut your onion up. Melt the butter in your large saucepan and saute the leek and onion until soft.


While your leeks are softening, cut up your pears and potatoes into small pieces


Then add these, along with your stock into the saucepan with the leeks and onions. Cook about 20 minutes until the potato is cooked.


Once the potato is cooked puree the soup in your blender and serve. The cooked pear adds a pleasant fruity note to the soup.