A welcome stranger

I got  quite a surprise when I opened the door the other day. Sitting under the door frame was a small lizard – a Marbled Gecko (Christinus marmoratus).

We have seen these attractive small animals once or twice around the garden but never so up close and personal. Even better it was back again today. Now we are keeping an eye out to ensure it comes to no harm.

Our friendly local Marbled Gecko
Our friendly local Marbled Gecko

Not quite so welcome, but something we will just have to put up with are our local Peewees (Magpie Larks). They have finally worked out that they can get a share of the seeds in the chicken pen as long as they are prepared to pop in while the chickens are foraging in the garden.

A quick dive into the chicken pen while the girls are out and about!
A quick dive into the chicken pen while the girls are out and about!

Recent photos

Here are three recent photos to share  – but be warned, the last one is an ‘indulgent pet photo’ in case you need to avert your eyes.

This morning I peered out the window to see this pee wee (or magpie lark if you grew up somewhere different to me), helping themself to some mud in the top of my waterlily bowl. He was collecting mud, with the help of his mate (I’m assuming) to make their nest. Pee wees make beautiful mud bowl nests on horizontal branches that, preferably, hang over a large enough void to deter predators. Sadly this particular nest is not being built in our garden. My favourite sighting of a pair of pee wees building a nest was on the corner of National Circuit and Kings Ave in Barton. The branch they selected to nest on reached right out over the middle of that busy road. Clearly the traffic was of no concern to them!


Next is another visitor to our garden, although definitely not a native or deliberately planted. This poppy has grown and flowered all on its own volition in our herb bed. I believe it is a Rough Poppy, (Papaver hybridum). I love the contrast between the stunning red petals and the blue stamens.


Here’s the indulgent pet photo … you were warned … sometimes life is just too much to bear.