Good onya girls!

Four lovely eggs from our girls, including two from our long-term visiting chickens

Good to see all our girls laying at present  (4 out of 5 yesterday and a different 3 of 5 today). And yes, one of the chickens we are minding for our friend is an Arucana, so we are getting blue eggs!

Chooks in the City

Last Saturday we went to one of this year’s special event’s in the Open Garden Scheme’s calendar of events – Chooks in the City. Author Alyson Hill (who wrote Chooks in the City) was on hand to give us a run down of keeping chooks in your backyard.


Alyson’s talk was hosted by the charming Theresa who, along with her girls, Candy, Sandy and Mandy, opened her lovely Red Hill garden for the event.


Sorry I can’t tell which girl this one is.


Alyson spoke about which chicken breeds were best suited to back yards, chook health issues, how to deal with broody hens and how to incubate eggs amongst very many other topics. All grist to our particular mill as the building of our own chook house is an extremely ongoing project.

Alsyon’s passion for chooks runs deep and she was extremely generous with her knowledge. The audience asked quite a broad range of questions so we ended having a very free-ranging discussion (OK couldn’t resist that one). Thankfully the rain which had made its presence felt earlier in the day cleared to enable us to enjoy Alyson’s talk in comfort.

We also had enough time to have a good look around Theresa’s garden before and after the talk. I particularly liked the path down the garden to the chook shed.


Theresa has made her garden very easy to access with a series of square garden beds surrounded by paving. She’s currently in the process of finishing up summer plantings and growing new plants for the coming winter months.


There were plenty of fruit trees in the garden including several fig trees carrying quite a crop.


I also really liked Theresa’s style of grouping container plants such as this collection of succulents.


The morning concluded with a fantastic spread of food provided by Theresa and her friends (as well as ‘the girls’) who contributed their eggs for some particularly tasty egg sandwiches.


Another great open garden event.

For those of you interested in purchasing chooks there are two events of interest coming up:

  • The Canberra Queanbeyan Poultry Club is planning to conduct a Pure Breed Poultry Sale at the Queanbeyan Showground on Sunday 13 May.
  • Royal Canberra National Poultry Show at EPIC 8-10 June.