Cruisin’ the Cupboards

I was once in a class where we were challenged to go for a year making art without buying any art materials – as it was pointed out we are always complaining that we had no time to make art, but always had time to run to the art shop to buy materials. Similarly TB and I were considering why, given the bounty from the garden and what we have preserved and what is already in the cupboards why are we forever running to the shop to buy more food?

So we’ve decided to accept the challenge and cruise the cupboards for the month of August to explore what we can make with what we already have. Like my art mentor said you just have to get creative! We do not foresee running short of any major food group – we have a fair bit of Dexter the cow in the freezer, both Spaghetti and Trombone Squash aging gracefully in the shed and lots of greens and a few carrots in the garden beds. Then there is the box of lentils …. one and a half packets of red lentils, ‘french style’ lentils, mung beans, yellow split peas, blue peas, not to mention the pearl barley. Hopefully we’ll be more inspired by Barry Vera  or Greg Malouf  than by Neil from the Young Ones.


To get us started on our way Bishlet put me on to a great Jill Dupleix recipe for Tuna and White Bean toast, here’s the recipe link, a great Saturday lunch, or any day lunch. We used our home bottled tuna and some tinned beans to make our batch. Obviously you might use a tin of tuna and some dried beans that have been soaked and cooked. It is all about being creative. Tonight we’ll be having curried soup – home made stock, garlic, some trombone squash and some cooked borlotti beans and some curry powder (come on when did you last open that tin of curry powder) all whizzed up in the blender. We think we’ll have enough wheat flour to make regular loaves of bread, but if we don’t there’s always besan, potato and rice flour lurking in another box at the back of the cupboard.

So here’s to the 100 metre diet! (apologies to Novella Carpenter for the metric conversion).