Sleeping disorder

A change of location is always a bit unsettling, but our new chickens are having some unexpected problems – “just where are we supposed to sleep?”

I assumed, incorrectly as it turned out, that they would prefer to sleep in their straw filled carry box. No. This is where we found them the first night.

New girls1
Sitting on top of the nesting box

Obviously our girls are of an age where they prefer to roost. So today we spent some time re-arranging the pen and adding a special roosting area. Cue this evening.

I was running late shutting the chooks away for the evening. So they decided for themselves. If in doubt, sit on the roof of your pen!

New girls2
What? this looks good to us

So finally having managed to persuade them to go inside their safe house for the night we have our fingers crossed that the chooks will finally get onto the right perch.

New girls3

Sittin’ Pretty

This is a story about Brown Chook, who was the sole survivor of a fox attack that killed all her flock mates. When I first met Brown Chook, some two months ago, she spent most of her time hunkered down in the back of her cage, too scared to move very far from safety in the daytime. But now changes have been made! Brown Chook has decided that it’s safer to hang with the big guys in the ‘hood.

Brown Chook hanging with the family.
Brown Chook hanging tight with the family.

Brown Chook has moved as close to the family and the family dogs, as she possibly can. Her preferred roosting place is a garden chair outside the back door.

Ornate chicken roosting options.
Ornate chicken roosting options.

Not only does Brown Chook often jump into the dog run, which is rather odd given that one of the dogs has also attacked her, but she now prefers to nest on an old doona on top of one of the dog pens located at the back door!

The comfort of a good doona, can't be overestimated.
The comfort of a good doona, can’t be overestimated.

Of course that does make it very easy to collect her daily egg and lowers the risk of breakage.

Easy to collect egg system.
Easy to collect egg system.

And to think that we think chickens are dumb!