A Sparkling Success

I must be the first to admit that my recent dabbling with turning rose petals into a sparkling beverage seemed unlikely to succeed, but I have been proven wrong.
O ye of little faith … fancy me of all people doubting a recipe provided by the blessed Sally Wise!

As you can see from the pictures not only is the sparkling rose a beautiful colour …


but it even has bubbles! (hence the close-up).


We have tasted the drink ourselves and have also shared it with some friends who thought it was great. One thing though – this is probably not a sparkler to keep. TB is of the opinion that as fermentation continues the drink will become ‘drier’. At present it retains a good balance and is neither too sweet nor so dry that it has lost its floral character.

I know that next rose growing season in several local gardens the scented roses may not be on the bushes for very long!


(Image courtesy of http://www.addamsfamily.com/addams/rose1.jpg)

Speaking of Sally, she has recently started her own blog. So drop over and say hello, or ask her questions about her recipes.