In Season – Asparagus

My favourite spring offering from the garden is our asparagus.


Now that our aspapragus plants are well established we can look forward to eating the freshest, fattest spears around. Freshly-picked asparargus has a sweetness that is hard to believe. If you have some growing in your garden I would suggest that you leave it to the last possible minute to cut your spears before cooking them. The longer the spears are out of the ground the more they lose their sweetness.


Our spring lunch used our asparagus with a poached egg from our chickens and a salad of lettuce and new radishes with some home-made camenbert, hard to beat!

Last week I also enjoyed a meal with TB and friends at The Water’s Edge restaurant. Dinner came in four courses and for my second course I chose ‘Spring asparagus textures with truffle emulsion & hazelnut crumbed quail egg’. The name was certainly a mouthful – the dish itself was a completely delicious mouthful. This is the best vegetarian course I’ve had in quite a while. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this artfully presented dish. 


It’s too late to be planting aspragus crowns now (winter is the time to find them in the nursery), but TB and I have had good success in raising them from seed – just plant some of the red berries that develop on the plants by the end of summer.


Of course you will then need to wait several years for the plant to grow big enough for you to pick your first harvest. At least it will be worth the wait!