The where have you Bean?

I’ve previously mentioned my Scarlet Emperor beans, which I like to grow in my front garden for their colourful flowers. Another reason I started growing this variety was their reported ability to re-grow year after year, a habit that gave them their alternate name of the ‘Seven-year’ bean. That is they are supposed to re-grow, perhaps in other people’s garden, but not our garden.

That was until about a month ago. I was picking some of my Gourmet Delight bush beans (a bean that does live up to its name), when I realised I was looking at a very non-bush bean like tendril climbing up from the garden bed!

Scarlet Emperor bean shooting out from under the Gourmet Delight beans.
Scarlet Emperor bean shooting out from under the Gourmet Delight beans.

It was a Scarlet Emperor Bean, noticeable because of its red flower. I am assuming that it has re-grown from the roots of the plant that I left in the bed from when I grew them here last year. Even if the plant happens to have grown from a seed that I missed when I picked them what is notable is that the plant has waited until the very end of summer to grow. It hasn’t germinated in spring, as you might expect. I won’t finally know what has happened until the bush beans have died back. Only then might I be able to see whether the Scarlet Emperor has sprung from last year’s plant.

As for the Scarlet Emperor beans I planted this year, they have, as in previous years, only just started to set pods now, after the worst of the summer heat has passed.

Pods starting to set on this year's Scarlet Runner Beans.
Pods starting to set on this year’s Scarlet Runner Beans.

Like they say better late than never.