Radical Radishes

In late December I planted three rows of radishes as a gap filler before our winter planting. We’d eaten the French Breakfast radishes pretty quickly, but I got put off the Winter Round Black radishes by their really pungent taste. I can’t even remember eating the China Rose radishes. After a few weeks I pretty much forgot about them.

Last weekend I decided that it was about time I dug the radishes up  and dealt with them. I wasn’t expecting much as my previous experience with old radishes was completely un-edible. However I certainly got a surprise with this lot.


Not only was there was a decent harvest, but some of them were absolutely gi-normous!


The largest one in the photo weighed in at 685 grams.

OK I certainly wasn’t going to eat all of these in a hurry so I decided to try a recipe from my new book on canning – Canning For a New Generation by Liana Krissoff (canning is what making preserves is called in the US). Liana’s blog can be found here. The recipe for Pickled Radishes was the one that caught my eye. I even had a hopefully willing target for the food as Variegated was visiting for lunch the next day.

Now one day is not long for a pickle that I’m pretty sure will develop a more mellow flavour over time. TB had the great idea of cutting its currently sharp vinegary taste with some of our freshly-picked feral apples. Not only did the sweet crisp fruit balance the vinegar to perfection, but the pickles also helped cut through the luscious flavour of TB’s terrine of pork and veal liver.


The main dish was an autumn risotto of garden veggies. The flavouring was our own saffron which this year has been producing a steady, if small, crop of stamens.


The colour of the saffron is rich and the aroma of the infusing stamens is even better.

Here is the finished dish.


We all enjoyed eating this meal out in the back garden, experiencing one of those wonderful Autumn days which we have been so blessed with over the past few weeks.