Visiting Venus

I’ve spent a fair bit of today (Wednesday 6 June) glued to the interweb watching the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun, via NASA’s live web feed from Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Well that is except when we were watching the same via our binoculars projecting an image onto a sheet of cardboard in our own garden.


Here is a selection of the photos we took in the afternoon, once TB had worked out how to project a larger image than we were getting in the morning.


Our neighbours must have been wondering what we were doing as the last stage of the transit had to be viewed from the footpath so we could get a clear view of the sun.


Yes it’s rather Heath Robinson, but at least it worked!

I thought one of the best discussions I’ve heard on the subject was on the Science Show last weekend. It’s well worth listening to the podcast to get a good background of both the scientific and historical aspects of the event.